Friday, June 6, 2014

Love to write and want to earn some money too?

There is a site called Bubblews that you can write what ever your heart desires whether it be about your day, what you ate for breakfast. It really doesn't matter what you write about.

Only a few simple things you need to remember which are the post has to be a minimum of 400 characters, originally writings that you wrote.  Pictures can either be yours and if not give credit where credit is due.

You will earn money for every post you write, every view, like and comment you get on your post. When you like a comment that someone has written below your post you earn them some money.

If you find a post that you view, like and comment you are giving the person that wrote it money. Basically you are helping each other earn money.

You can also follow people that you find interesting. You would simple click on their username which is under the title of their post then when you are on their profile you would go to the bottom right and click on connect. Once you are connected to that person. You will get a notification stating they posted a new post.

You can click on the bank on the top right corner of the page and this will tell you how much you are earning. Once you reach $50.00 in your bank you can click on the green redeem button. Within 72 hours you will receive an email stating your e-check has been sent to PayPal for processing once the e-check has cleared then you will get your $50.00 in PayPal.

If you aren't already writing for this site then you can click on my link below and sign up for free and start writing and earning money.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Getting your Christmas presents for free

Since it is Christmas time and you are probably busy shopping for the perfect gift to give to someone and you don't have a lot of money to spend on the gift.

Well I have a solution for you on how you can still get that perfect gift without worrying how much money you have in your bank account.

You can go shopping without spending a dime. I know you are probably thinking I fell off my rocker and bumped my head but I really didn't fall and bump my head.

Now with that said I am going to give you some tips on how to earn free amazon gift card and use them to pay for your gifts for your loved ones.

First you go to and create an account. By creating an account you will be able to put your Amazon gift codes into your account and also have the tracking information for when you order your gift. Believe me this does come in handy.

Next you go to Instagc and sign up for a free account

Finally you start earning the Amazon gift cards and you can cash out for as little as 100 points which equal out to be $1.00. 

To cash out your points on Instagc you go to the reward store on the left side of the page and then you click on Amazon and then click on the amount of points that you have which equal the face value of the Amazon cards. As soon as you click okay that you want to use your points for the Amazon gift cards a new tab will open up with your Amazon gift card code. 

Then you log into your Amazon account and under your account you can put your Amazon gift card code. What is great about this is the Amazon gift cards never expire so you can put the gift codes into your account and leave them there for a rainy day. 

Now if you aren't doing this already then go sign up for this great site and start earning those gift cards so you can shop for free on Amazon like I am doing.

Earning money with Qmee

Qmee is very easy to do and only takes literally a few minutes a day to do it.

Basically all you do is go to the search engine that you normally use and do your normal searches.

A box on the left side of the screen may appear with links to different sites. When you click on those links you earn the money that is posted next to the link in red.

Then you can cash out at any amount you choose even if it is 10 cents. The money gets deposited into your PayPal account within a few minutes to a half hour. 

To start earning money all you have to do is follow these simple steps

1. Have a PayPal account and if you don't have one already then sign up for a free account.

2. Go to the Qmee website and sign up for a free account

3. Start searching and earning money. 

Yes it is really that simple to use.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


I started using a new site. It is called Bubblews. 

You blog about what ever you want as long as it is 400 words on any of the 15 categories they have. You will get paid for every view, comment, like/dislike and social media shares for every post that you write. You can cash out at $25 in your bank. You can either request a check or get paid via PayPal.

If you want to try it out just click here and start blogging and earning money.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Earnings for the year 2012

Last night I added up all my earnings for all whole year of 2012. Between gift cards and cash and I have made $1,010.15. This isn't bad for doing a little every day. 

The break down of all the sites and how much I made per site.
Swagbucks - $290.00
Instagc - $96.00
InstantBucks - $25
iRazoo - $15.00
PaidViewPoint - $38.54
GiftHulk - $10.00
Pollbuzzer - $14.00
Sharemagnet - $17.64 
Zoombucks - $5.00
Mylikes - $2.94
Jebbit - $11.11
Jingit - $166.16
Calyp - $318.76

If you aren't doing these sites why aren't you?  These aren't get rich sites either. It all depends on how much time you put into these sites will determine how much money you will make.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Google Voice and GPT Sites

Google voice and GPT (get paid to) sites go hand and hand. You are probably wondering why I say this. 

Lets say you are filling out an offer or a survey but you don't want to give them your personal phone number. You can't give them a fake number because that is just wrong and the advertisers will figure out that you gave them a fake number. 

So  the next best thing is get a gmail account if you don't already have one. Then sign up for a free Google voice number. It will ask you what number you want your messages to get forward too. Put a personal number in the box. Once you have the Google voice number go into the settings and make sure there is a check next to have phone calls and / or messages go to your email. If you have this check then your personal phone will not ring when you do offers. 

Make sure you write down your Google voice number because you don't want to forget what the number is. You can use this phone number on anything you fill out but don't want to get a phone call about.

GPT sites

A GPT (get paid to) site lets you earn money for things you do already online. Such as reading an email, doing surveys, filling out offers, clicking on ads and getting paid for your time. Now you don't have to put any money out to do these GPT sites. 

There are a few things you need to know before you can start doing these GPT sites. 

1. Get yourself an email just for these sites. You don't want to use your main email account because you will get junk email from doing these offers or  surveys. Typically you could use gmail if you already have it. If not you could use gmail, yahoo, inbox, or any other free email you know of. Just one that you will remember.

2. Only start out with 5 sites in the beginning so you don't get overwhelmed. Then once you get the hang of the sites then you can add more if you want too. Use the same email that you created above on each of the 5 sites you are going to be doing.

3. Use your real name, address and phone number. However, if you don't want to use your real number and you have a gmail account you can get a free google voice phone number that will be linked to your email. This I feel is a must to get. Do not under any circumstance put false information on any forms you may fill out. The advertising companies will find out and they will delete your account. 

4. Read the TOS of the sites because some sites may want you to cash out on their site in order for you to get paid. This is very important. 

5. Bookmark the sites that you will be doing so you will remember them and do them every day. 

6. Make up a spreadsheet in excel to keep track of your earnings.

7. If you don't already have a PayPal account then you need to make one. Since some of the companies only pay you through PayPal.

I hope this has answered any of your questions on GPT (get paid to) sites.