Monday, January 30, 2012


GiftHulk is one of the many sites that I use on a daily basis to earn gift cards and money. With GiftHulk I can earn Paypal gift cards and be able to use it anywhere that accepts Paypal or I can even transfer it to my bank account. Which makes it even easier to use. Then there is the Amazon gift card perk where I can buy gifts for my kids and family. I also splurge on me at times and get me something.

I started using GiftHulk for the same reason as everyone else. Which is a way to bring in some extra cash. I am a single mom and raising a teenage daughter. With a growing teenager and bills you need extra money. I have found that using GiftHulk can do just that. Help me out with supporting myself and my daughter. Without having to get a second job. 

You can earn points by doing surveys, watching videos, promotional codes and referring friends. Once your friends see you earning free gift cards and money they are going to want to do it too. Therefore, you can just watch your referrals grow.

Some of the ways that I earn my points. By doing the daily poll I get 1 coins, Fountain of Youth which is codes 3 coins, and so much more.

There payout for gift cards are so reasonable compared to other sites. For a $5 Amazon gift card or PayPal gift card is only 169 GiftHulk coins. Lets say you want a $25  PayPal gift card then it is only 499 GiftHulk points and a $15 Amazon gift card is 339 GiftHulk coins.  This point system is reasonable compared to other sites that I use to earn Amazon and PayPal gift cards.

What are you waiting for? Click on the banner below and start earning coins to get your next Amazon or PayPal or any other gift cards for free. 

GiftHulk Earning Rewards The EZ Way

My birthday and Swag Bucks

Today is my birthday!!!!! 

I went to read my mail this morning and what did I find? I found an email from Swag Bucks containing 50 swag bucks as my birthday present from them. 

Every year that I do Swag Bucks and my birthday comes around I get 50 swag bucks. 

The 50 swag bucks that I got this morning I am putting towards my 5 $5 Amazon gift cards. Since that is a good deal to snag from the Swag Store. 

Do you want to earn 50 Swag Bucks just because it is your birthday? All you have to do is click here.

Friday, January 27, 2012

End of Spirit Week with Swag Bucks

Today is Friday January 27th and today is the last day of Spirit week with Swag Bucks

Today's holiday was Fun At Work Day. 

2 New Games
Paper Planes  
Go on an epic battle to destroy your enemies.  Your cursor is your paper plane, guide it through the level and point it at incoming paper planes to destroy them.  Take the paper pieces to score a multiplier

Office Catapult
Test your skills to shoot a high score.  Move your mouse to aim the ruler and curve the paper using the wind to score. 

New Items in the Swag Store 

What’s For Lunch? Decision Spinner for just 1,489 Swag Bucks and it will decide for you.  

 Office Monkeys Play Set, available for 3,125 Swag Bucks
Desktop Chip Shotz Golf set for 2,965 Swag Bucks 

They also had a few codes out during the day. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

4th Day of Spirit Week with Swag Bucks

Today is the 4th day of Spirit week. 

Today's holiday is Australia Day. 

Since it is Australia Day Swag Bucks has added some items to the Swag Store and new games.

Swag Store

Keith Urban, pick up any song off of his “Get Closer” Deluxe Album for just 199 Swag Bucks, or snag the entire album for just 1,799 Swag Bucks. 

Keith Urban  hit single "Somebody Like You" for just 129 Swag Bucks.

Australia  a 2008 historical romance film by Baz Luhrmann and starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman for only 1,499 Swag Bucks


Australian Cities 

Want to join in on the fun all you have to do is click here

Day 3 of Spirit Week with Swag Bucks

Today was day 3 of Spirit Week with Swag Bucks

There was actually two holidays that were celebrated today and they were Opposite Day. 

As they have been so far. They have added a memory game called Swag Memory which can be found in the games section on the Swag Bucks homepage. This game has 3 different levels to play and each one is harder than the next. Your final score is based on how much time it takes you to complete the level and the accuracy of matching the symbols. 

If you could beat 23284 high score then you take a screen shot of your high score with your swag name upload it to Twitter use the hashtag #SBGames . Three lucky winners will get 100 Swag Bucks.

Also there was 3 codes out today worth various amounts.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 2 of Spirit Week with Swag Bucks

 Today Swag Bucks continuing Spirit Week with Compliments Day.  

Today is a great way to say something positive about the people you care about and come in contact with. Make an effort today and say something nice it only takes a few minutes and will make someone have a smile on their face and feel all warm and fuzzy. 

Swag Bucks is encouraging people to compliment their friends and family on Facebook. If you use Twitter send a compliment to someone and use the hashtag #SBSpiritweek. 

Please do not use the # hashtag on their Facebook wall because it is worthless because they have no way of keeping track of hashtags on there. 

Also by using the # hashtag #SBSpiritweek on Twitter you could have a chance of getting 100 Swag Bucks. 

In celebration of Compliments Day Swag Bucks has put all of their Thank You and Thinking of You greeting cards for 99 Swag Bucks which is a sale  in the Swag Store. 

 Want to join in on the fun all you have to do is click here

Tips on iRazoo

When I am on iRazoo there are certain things that I do each time I am on there.

If I open the offers page I automatically get 5 points just for viewing the page. Then if I click on any of the offers and complete them I get additional points.

I click on Supersonic because there is always a video or two for me to watch and I earn between 4 and 8 points.

I click on Peanut Labs to see if there is any video's there and see if there is any free offers that are worth doing.

 Radium One usually has a few video's to click on and they are usually 12 points per video.

Next I go to the games and I scroll all the way to the bottom to a game that has question marks on it. I click on it but it doesn't load. I leave it open for about five minutes and then click on the home button I get 1 point each time I do it.

Last but not least I go do a few searches to see if I get lucky and win some points.

Lastly there is always a code to earn random points. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

What this is all about

This blog is about how I earn money and gift cards on various sites. Which I show you an inside look on what I do to earn money and Amazon gift cards. It is a legitimate and easy way to earn cash and gift cards.

I update this blog on  a daily basis. Check back often to find more ways to make some money and gift cards. 

As always I look forward from hearing from you. 

First day of Spirit Week

Today is the first day of spirit week with Swag Bucks

This is what has been added. 


 Mah Jong Solitaire and Wealth and Treasure.

 Also in the Swagstore 

There is a wooden oriental bookmark to help you keep your place as you read a good book. How about a  Chinese character fan to keep you cool on hot days? What about a Chinese new year zodiac placement to learn about the year you were born or what there is to come in the new year. 

Plus, there will be a code or codes given out today. 

Let the fun begin.

You can join in on the fun here

Spirit Week with Swag Bucks

This week Monday January 23, 2012 until Friday January 27, 2012 Swag Bucks will be having spirit week. 

What is spirit week? 

Each day this week Swag Bucks  will be celebrating a holiday for that particular day. Expect the unexpected with Swag Bucks this week and they will also be giving out codes just like they do normally every day. However, this week you need to save all the codes for Friday. When you will use all the codes to make a new code on Friday. 

This is going to be fun and exciting week. Looking forward to it. This week is the perfect time to start using Swag Bucks and start earning cash and gift cards.

Check the swidget for the codes because this is where they will post where the code is and you have to go to that location and find the code or figure out what the code is.

To join Swag Bucks click here

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Swag Bucks Codes

Swag Bucks   does a scavenger hunt for codes every day and sometimes on the weekends. 

They announce they have a code out by putting it on the swidget stating where the code is but once you find the place where they hid the code is where the fun begins because they give you an idea on where to look but not the exact location. 

You can find the swidget to the right of this post. The swidget is the big box that has the search bar in it. To see if there is a code you would click on Swag Codes.

They either hide the code in their blog, on sbtv, on Gab a video they made or on their Facebook page. Now you have to hunt for the code and put it in the Gimme box on their homepage. This code can be between 4 -9 swag bucks. But it is a secret you can't tell anyone what the code is because you could get deactivated if you do.

Once you find the code and you put it in the Gimme box found on the homepage. It would be nice of you to go on their Facebook page and say thank you for the code. At least that is what I do.

SBTV and Swag Bucks

SBTV is  Swag Buck TV and it is mini commercials that you would normally see on tv.  This makes the time go by for me. I know after I let 10 video's play I get 3 swag bucks. Then once I let 50 video's play I get 150 swag bucks. It is worth it to let the video's run. I turn on the sbtv and then I go and do other things online and I watch this meter that is on there and when that moves up by 10% I click on a different video. 

There is also a sbtv app for android cell phones and you can earn even more swag bucks with this one. With this version you can just let the video's run continuously until you get a message stating you have exhausted watching video's for that day. 

Whereas, with the computer version you have to click between each video until you reach the same message. 

As I am writing this I have my sbtv running in to earn swag bucks. 

It may seem boring but it is one of the quickest ways for me to earn swag bucks..  

Watching 10 video's I got the 3 Swag Bucks. This is what the Swag Bucks TV looks like. When the meter reaches 100% you get 3 Swag Bucks. This view is from the toolbar that you download from Swag Bucks.

 This is another way to watch it. This way you watch it on the screen and leave this page open.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Free Amazon Gift Cards

I have gotten $125.00 in free Amazon gift cards so far since I have been doing this. It may not seem like a lot but for me it is. 

The amount of money I can make is endless. It all depends on how much I want to spend doing this a week.

I do my dailies every day because it only takes about 5 minutes to do the poll and the noso. This equals out to 3 swag bucks a day. 

This picture shows I have gotten $120 in Amazon gift cards and I am waiting on 1 $5 Amazon gift card which is why it says verified. 

Searching With Swag Bucks

I have found when you are using the Swag Bucks search you would use it like you would use any other search engine. If I just use for a chance of winning then I am defeating the purpose. Since after constant searching they will flag the search box and you won't be able to search for about 24 hours. So it is best that you just use it as a regular search engine and do your every day searching. 

While  I do search I have a chance of winning but that is random when I do. If I don't win points within the first three pages then I stop and wait awhile and try again. 

Swag Bucks

My favorite way to earn money and gift cards is Swag Bucks

With Swag Bucks you can print out coupons, do surveys, tasks, polls, no obligation special offers, games, watch SBTV and using the search engine, and random codes. By doing this you can easily earn some quick money or gift cards such as Amazon gift cards.

Lately I have been going for 5 $5 Amazon gift cards because that is better deal for the money. The best part is that it is free to join. After you join you get 30 Swag Bucks to start you off on earning.

The run down on how to earn money

Polls = 1 swag buck this is considered your daily. May seem like its not a lot but it does add up.

NOSO also known as no obligation special offers = you skip through all the ad's and when you get to the end. You get 2 swag bucks. Again not much but does add up. This is also considered your daily.

Coupons = 10 swag bucks after you print them out and the store scans them. It takes awhile for it to show up in your ledger but worth it.

Tasks = vary depending on which task you want to do.

Surveys = varies depending on the survey. Sometimes you get disqualified or over quota on a survey which is okay because you still get 1 swag buck.

Games = For every 2 games you play you get 2 swag bucks. You play one game then you go back to the main menu for the games click on a game can be the same game and play it then go back to the main menu for the games. This way you get credit for both games you play.

Watching SBTV = This depends on how many times you let this run. When you open sbtv at the top is a meter once that reaches 100% you get 3 swag bucks. If you keep doing it until you get a message stating that is all the sbtv you can watch then you will get 150 swag bucks.

Search engine = this varies depending on the search term that you use. You would use this just like any other search engine.

Codes = Every day and rarely on weekends. The swag bucks team puts out a secret code and it is like a mini scavenger hunt to find the code. The code ranges from 3 to 6 swag bucks depending on the code.

Click on the banner below to start earning today. 

Search & Win

Friday, January 20, 2012


MyPoints is an easy site to rewards by shopping online.  You shop online anyways. Why not get rewarded?

How to earn points on MyPoints
  • The primary way to earn points on MyPoints is by shopping through their site by clicking on an ad or by searching for products.  By doing this simple task you could earn points
  • Filling out surveys
  • Playing games
  • Reading emails
  • Book travel plans
  • Printing coupons
Don't you think this is an easy way to earn point? I think so! 
If you book your travel plans through them you earn points and mile points. 

That is a win win in my book. 

Then you can redeem your points for gift cards for your favorite stores or restaurants. I will go more in depth on what exact gift cards they offer in the future.

What are you waiting for join today by clicking here.

Can't Beat Free

Can't beat free is where I get some of my gift cards. I really don't spend to much time on this site. Maybe 20 minutes I spend on this. Maybe a little less depending on how much time I have to do it.

I do the offers and play Astro Blitz.

Then when I have enough points. I can redeem my points for gift cards such as Amazon, Paypal, Ebay, Etc. 

By doing this I can rack up the points quickly and start redeeming gift cards in no time.

You would be amazed how quickly you can earn points to get gift cards like I do. 

Simply click on the banner below and join me on getting gift cards for free.


At Beezag I watch video's on different commercials. 

which I have to watch closely because there is always 2 numbers on the sides of the videos that I need for the end it.

I suppose it could be entertaining because you always learn something new. 

I spend maybe 10 minutes on this one because I really only do it when I have nothing else to do. 

Then when I have gained enough points. I have a choice on what I want to redeem them for. Such as cash, music or donate to a charity. 

As of right now I am getting the cash through Paypal.

Why not join me here so you can start earning some cash like I am?

Gift Hulk

GiftHulk is a fun way for me to relax. I don't know what it is about doing simple tasks and completing offers that relaxes me but it does. 

There is more to then just completing tasks and offers. There is also free trials and watching video's. I rarely do the video's and I don't do the free trials because I usually forget to cancel them. 

I am always getting something from Amazon. By doing this it helps with my constant ordering. who doesn't like getting free stuff in the mail? I am enjoying doing this every few days unless I have nothing going on where I can do this more.

Want to be in my shoes and earn free Amazon gift cards? If so, click on the banner and lets start earning some money.

GiftHulk Earning Rewards The EZ Way


Varolo is a video earning site.

You watch videos of ad's and when they are over you rate the ad and earn points. Super easy to do and a quick way to earn points.

The points vary depending on which one you want to watch.

Once you have a minimum of $20 in your account you an request it to go to your Paypal account.

Lets say you have its Friday and you have $20 in your vault. Then you can request it to go to your Paypal account.

This can be done on a weekly basis as long as you have at least $20 in your vault.

The vault is where your earnings go in your account on this site.

Week is begins Sunday morning at 12:00am and goes to midnight Saturday GMT (which is 8:00pm Eastern, 5:00pm Pacific).

Once you request it to go to your Paypal account it could take up to 24 hours for it to show up in your Paypal account.

To register an account and start earning today just click here 

Instant Gift Cards

Instant Gift Cards is just that. It is really simple to do.

 You basically complete offers and you earn points. Which you turn them in for gift cards.

Once you request a gift card you get an email with a code for the gift card. Which you could either print out the code and bring it to the store or you could use it for online shopping.

The gift cards you can get are Amazon, Itunes, Starbucks, Totally Tickets, Walmart. You can rack up the points very quickly. Just 20 minutes a day and you can get a gift card in no time.

Click on the banner below and start earning today.

Panda Research

Panda Research is a survey site. 

With this site you have two options you can either go to the website to do the surveys or you could have the survey's emailed to you. 

Once you have $50 in your approved section of your account then you can request a pay out. You have to have a Paypal account to get paid.

Payments are on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Click on the banner today and start earning.



iRazoo you can earn gift cards for various companies. For an example, Amazon, 1800, Barnes & Noble, CVS, Lowes, and Home Depot and so much more.

 The run down on earning

Watching videos = you get 1 point for every video you watch. It is small but it adds up.

Offers = Just by opening this page you automatically get 5 points and then the offer itself varies depending on which offers you do.

Playing games = you get 1 point for every game you play. It is small but it adds up.

Search engine = You use this like you would any other search engine. When you do a search you have a chance to win points again, this varies.

You can also print coupons. 

Finish Tasks = These tasks are easy you can categorize products, answer a few questions about a website, search for terms, etc. You can get between 75-600 points depending on which task you decide to do.

Click here iRazoo to start earning gift cards today. 

Zoom Bucks

Zoombucks is a simple easy way to earn money and gift cards. You don't have to spend much time doing this either.

How you can earn money

Searching is the simplest way to earn Zbucks. By using it as a search engine like you would any other search engine and you could get between 2 and 12 Zbucks.

By doing surveys and helping companies with your valued opinions. You can earn between 50 and 80 ZBucks depending on which survey you decide to do.

Tasks are another easy way to get ZBucks. The tasks are simple you can either assign categories to products, write short answers, categorize images. You can earn between 2 and 12 ZBucks.

Watching video's is another way to earn. You have to watch the video and remember the 2 numbers that are in the video and at the end of the video you put them in the box to earn 2 ZBucks.

It is free to sign up. Start earning money today. Click on the image below.