Friday, June 6, 2014

Love to write and want to earn some money too?

There is a site called Bubblews that you can write what ever your heart desires whether it be about your day, what you ate for breakfast. It really doesn't matter what you write about.

Only a few simple things you need to remember which are the post has to be a minimum of 400 characters, originally writings that you wrote.  Pictures can either be yours and if not give credit where credit is due.

You will earn money for every post you write, every view, like and comment you get on your post. When you like a comment that someone has written below your post you earn them some money.

If you find a post that you view, like and comment you are giving the person that wrote it money. Basically you are helping each other earn money.

You can also follow people that you find interesting. You would simple click on their username which is under the title of their post then when you are on their profile you would go to the bottom right and click on connect. Once you are connected to that person. You will get a notification stating they posted a new post.

You can click on the bank on the top right corner of the page and this will tell you how much you are earning. Once you reach $50.00 in your bank you can click on the green redeem button. Within 72 hours you will receive an email stating your e-check has been sent to PayPal for processing once the e-check has cleared then you will get your $50.00 in PayPal.

If you aren't already writing for this site then you can click on my link below and sign up for free and start writing and earning money.

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