Saturday, March 3, 2012


With GiftHulk you can do a variety of things to earn Hulk coins to redeem into gift cards. 

Every day on Twitter and on Facebook GiftHulk puts out a code on both of those sites and you have a certain amount of time to copy the code and put it in the box on the fountain of youth page in your account on GiftHulk. These coins range on how much they are worth.

Other ways to earn Hulk coins would be doing the daily poll, daily surveys and tasks. By doing these simple things you could have enough coins to redeem gift cards in no time. 

For 169 Hulk coins you could redeem a $5 Amazon gift card. 

As always GiftHulk is free to join and when you join you get 30 Hulk coins just for signing up. 

To join GiftHulk just click here and start earning towards free gift cards.

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