Friday, June 1, 2012


ClixSense is simple and easy. You watch ads that lasts less then a might. If you like doing tasks and surveys you can do those too. 

First you have to download their toolbar which will tell you when you have ads to click on or surveys to do. 

After you download the toolbar  then you click on the ads box to click ads which only takes less then 10 minutes to do. If you don't want to download the toolbar even though it is recommended you can just log into the site and click on ads and click on them that way.

First click on the ad box which will open a new tab in your browser. Second on the top of the page click on the picture of the cat. This will start the timer and once the time runs out then you click on close under the timer. Then you repeat until there are no more ads to click on. 

Another thing you can do is go on their site and click on ClixGrid where you  click on a box and it will open a new tab and watch ads have a chance of winning $5. You have 25 tries a day to try to win $5. 

If you like doing tasks then click on tasks and these are short and simple to do and these range in payouts just like the surveys. 

Also they have special offers you can do to earn money. 

Once you have $8 in your ClixSense bank you can cash out. They will send your money to your PayPal account. 

To sign up for ClixSense click here and start earning money.

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