Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jingit with Ad links

Jingit is a site where you get paid to watch advertisements from companies. Jingit has new ads available to earn money which you put on your Jingit debit card and have the funds instantly to spend on whatever you may choose to purchase. 

Jingit has ads for Jello mix in, Elmer's glue. You can either search for them on or simply going to this link and doing the ads. The Jello ads can also be found on this link too.

The Jello ads are worth 25 cents each. The S'mores ad I couldn't get to work for some reason. Hopefully that will get fixed soon. Once it does get fixed I will have an updated post about it. 

Also if you have a smartphone you can go to Walmart and do check ins where you scan the bar code on Jello, S'mores and Snickers. Then if you purchase one of these three products when you get home you can do a check in again. Make sure you scan it at Walmart first otherwise it won't work at home. 

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