Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Amazon Gift Cards and Swag Bucks

I get my Amazon gift cards from Swag Bucks and I usually do the 5 for $5 per month since that is a better deal. You can only cash out 2 per day. There for I got 2 of them today.

Here I am snagging one of the $5 Amazon Gift Cards. As you can see in the box up top it tells you how much Swag Bucks I can use to get gift cards.  They are 450 Swag Bucks for 1 $5 Amazon gift cards.

 Here in this image you can see that I snagged 2 Amazon gift cards.  Since I snagged 2 Amazon gift cards it was 900 total Swag Bucks. Now you can see in the box at the top the balance I have left of Swag Bucks. It says verified in the account showing that I snagged the 2 Amazon gift cards.

How would you like to receive free Amazon gift cards or any other gift cards for free? It is simple just sign up on by clicking these words  Swag Bucks and start earning Swag Bucks so you too can get free gift cards.

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