Monday, April 23, 2012

Jingit and Walmart team up

Jingit has teamed up with Walmart. 

Not only can you go to Walmart and do check ins to get paid. You can now go to Walmart's website and on the homepage on the right side there are ads. Might have to refresh a few times to see the ads. Look for the Mio energy, Jello temptations, Planters peanut butter. At the bottom right corner of the ads is the word Jingit. You click on the word Jingit and the Jingit app pops up and automatically logins you in and earn money by watching the ad commercial and some of them have a survey with it. 

Every day go to and look for the ads. Sometimes it takes awhile to see them by refreshing constantly. 

If you aren't using Jingit then sign up here and start earning some free money.

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