Sunday, January 22, 2012

Swag Bucks Codes

Swag Bucks   does a scavenger hunt for codes every day and sometimes on the weekends. 

They announce they have a code out by putting it on the swidget stating where the code is but once you find the place where they hid the code is where the fun begins because they give you an idea on where to look but not the exact location. 

You can find the swidget to the right of this post. The swidget is the big box that has the search bar in it. To see if there is a code you would click on Swag Codes.

They either hide the code in their blog, on sbtv, on Gab a video they made or on their Facebook page. Now you have to hunt for the code and put it in the Gimme box on their homepage. This code can be between 4 -9 swag bucks. But it is a secret you can't tell anyone what the code is because you could get deactivated if you do.

Once you find the code and you put it in the Gimme box found on the homepage. It would be nice of you to go on their Facebook page and say thank you for the code. At least that is what I do.

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