Monday, January 23, 2012

Spirit Week with Swag Bucks

This week Monday January 23, 2012 until Friday January 27, 2012 Swag Bucks will be having spirit week. 

What is spirit week? 

Each day this week Swag Bucks  will be celebrating a holiday for that particular day. Expect the unexpected with Swag Bucks this week and they will also be giving out codes just like they do normally every day. However, this week you need to save all the codes for Friday. When you will use all the codes to make a new code on Friday. 

This is going to be fun and exciting week. Looking forward to it. This week is the perfect time to start using Swag Bucks and start earning cash and gift cards.

Check the swidget for the codes because this is where they will post where the code is and you have to go to that location and find the code or figure out what the code is.

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