Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tips on iRazoo

When I am on iRazoo there are certain things that I do each time I am on there.

If I open the offers page I automatically get 5 points just for viewing the page. Then if I click on any of the offers and complete them I get additional points.

I click on Supersonic because there is always a video or two for me to watch and I earn between 4 and 8 points.

I click on Peanut Labs to see if there is any video's there and see if there is any free offers that are worth doing.

 Radium One usually has a few video's to click on and they are usually 12 points per video.

Next I go to the games and I scroll all the way to the bottom to a game that has question marks on it. I click on it but it doesn't load. I leave it open for about five minutes and then click on the home button I get 1 point each time I do it.

Last but not least I go do a few searches to see if I get lucky and win some points.

Lastly there is always a code to earn random points. 

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