Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 2 of Spirit Week with Swag Bucks

 Today Swag Bucks continuing Spirit Week with Compliments Day.  

Today is a great way to say something positive about the people you care about and come in contact with. Make an effort today and say something nice it only takes a few minutes and will make someone have a smile on their face and feel all warm and fuzzy. 

Swag Bucks is encouraging people to compliment their friends and family on Facebook. If you use Twitter send a compliment to someone and use the hashtag #SBSpiritweek. 

Please do not use the # hashtag on their Facebook wall because it is worthless because they have no way of keeping track of hashtags on there. 

Also by using the # hashtag #SBSpiritweek on Twitter you could have a chance of getting 100 Swag Bucks. 

In celebration of Compliments Day Swag Bucks has put all of their Thank You and Thinking of You greeting cards for 99 Swag Bucks which is a sale  in the Swag Store. 

 Want to join in on the fun all you have to do is click here

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