Saturday, January 21, 2012

Swag Bucks

My favorite way to earn money and gift cards is Swag Bucks

With Swag Bucks you can print out coupons, do surveys, tasks, polls, no obligation special offers, games, watch SBTV and using the search engine, and random codes. By doing this you can easily earn some quick money or gift cards such as Amazon gift cards.

Lately I have been going for 5 $5 Amazon gift cards because that is better deal for the money. The best part is that it is free to join. After you join you get 30 Swag Bucks to start you off on earning.

The run down on how to earn money

Polls = 1 swag buck this is considered your daily. May seem like its not a lot but it does add up.

NOSO also known as no obligation special offers = you skip through all the ad's and when you get to the end. You get 2 swag bucks. Again not much but does add up. This is also considered your daily.

Coupons = 10 swag bucks after you print them out and the store scans them. It takes awhile for it to show up in your ledger but worth it.

Tasks = vary depending on which task you want to do.

Surveys = varies depending on the survey. Sometimes you get disqualified or over quota on a survey which is okay because you still get 1 swag buck.

Games = For every 2 games you play you get 2 swag bucks. You play one game then you go back to the main menu for the games click on a game can be the same game and play it then go back to the main menu for the games. This way you get credit for both games you play.

Watching SBTV = This depends on how many times you let this run. When you open sbtv at the top is a meter once that reaches 100% you get 3 swag bucks. If you keep doing it until you get a message stating that is all the sbtv you can watch then you will get 150 swag bucks.

Search engine = this varies depending on the search term that you use. You would use this just like any other search engine.

Codes = Every day and rarely on weekends. The swag bucks team puts out a secret code and it is like a mini scavenger hunt to find the code. The code ranges from 3 to 6 swag bucks depending on the code.

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Search & Win

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